Local Press

Advertising in local newspapers will enable you to be confident that your advert has been delivered to a geographically relevant audience.


Local press advertising
is featured in newspapers that are published for localised zones within each UK region, informing local communities of news and updates in their area. This format is great for advertisers looking to promote a product or service within a confined space. Press Mag Media will manage your planning time, utilising our tools to ensure that your advert is seen by your target audience.


While media choices are rapidly expanding, studies continue to show that newspapers – both in print and online – remain the leading source of local information. These strong and confined audiences represent critical value for advertisers. Advertising in local press will give added support to campaigns which have a geographical significance.


With such vast advertising options in the local market, would you know which publishers you should advertise with and if they would be read by your target audience? Press Mag Media can target your communications more effectively and connect with your current and potential audiences – call 0845 322 4306 to speak to our specialist team.