Retailers can expect a £5 return for every £1 spent in print.


If you’re looking for high-impact visual coverage, then magazine advertising is your solution. With the option of specialist and mainstream publications across the UK, Press Mag Media can present your brand to a wide audience in top quality print.


The decision to advertise in magazines will enable your brand to optimise its quality and thus strengthen its reputation. Press Mag Media can distribute your advert across multiple magazine formats, from online publications to mobile apps to traditional print. Not only are magazines read by the initial purchaser, statistics show that the average one is read nearly 6 times, with 80% of women and 67% of men regularly reading consumer publications.


With such vast advertising options in the magazine market, would you know which publishers you should advertise with and if they would be read by your target audience? Press Mag Media can target your communications more effectively and connect with your current and potential audiences – call 0845 322 4306 to speak to our specialist team.