Specialist interests

Delivering to a well-defined readership makes targeted advertising much easier than diluting your success amongst an irrelevant audience.


Small businesses often sacrifice a substantial print advert for inexpensive online advertising. However, you don’t have to dedicate large portions of your budget to print advertising for its benefits to take effect. With specialist interest magazine advertising, you can evade wastage and gain the full value of directing your campaign towards readers who are likely to be interested in your brand.


Specialist interest publications already have the proof that there is an audience before them who are willing to spend on the specific sector, indicating that there is more chance of a serious purchasing response as opposed to a merely curious reader.


A reader’s commitment to their specialist interest publication means that they are more likely to re-read it, which successively increases your advertising frequency without you lifting an extra finger! These prints have the capacity to be treated with additional attention – owners can lend them or sell them online, rather than putting them in the recycling bin.


With such vast options to advertise in magazines, would you know which publishers you should advertise with and if they would be read by your target audience? Press Mag Media can target your communications more effectively and connect with your current and potential audiences – call 0845 322 4306 to speak to our specialist team.