Press Mag Media Secures National Print Coverage as Egypt Protests Sale of Sekhemka Statue

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has today launched a new national newspaper advertising campaign across some of the UK’s most read print publications. Coordinated by Media Agency Group’s print advertising division Press Mag Media, the campaign draws attention to the controversial commercial sale of a piece of unique Egyptian art; The Statue of Sekhemka.

The 4,500 year old artefact was sold by Northampton Borough Council to an unnamed private buyer abroad for £15.76 million in July 2014, a sale which the Ministry has described as “incompatible with the role and values of museums worldwide, where culture must be spread, and human inheritance ought to be shared.”

Advertisement from Press Mag Media

The irreplaceable statue was blocked from being exported by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport earlier this year in an effort to allow potential UK buyers to put forward a serious bid to keep it in the country. However, this embargo is due to expire on 28 August. The Egyptian Ministry has issued this outcry in order to maintain the export ban on such a historic and cultural gem to prevent it from falling into private hands.

Advertisement in The Independent

The press campaign will see the Ministry’s message reach millions of readers across the country, with some prime advertising space secured in national publications including The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and Metro.

Managing Director of Press Mag Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“The sale of the unique Statue of Sekhemka is an issue that the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities feels very strongly about, and we’re pleased to be doing our part in spreading their message across the UK national press. As the Ministry appeals to extend the export ban, we’ve secured some fantastic advertising space in some of the UK’s most famous news publications that will see the Egyptian message reach millions of readers.”