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Press advertising is a form of traditional display advertising, used by brands and businesses to promote products and services in physical publications including national, local and regional newspapers, leaflets, brochures and trade and consumer magazines.

Press Mag Media is the leading expert in newspaper and magazine advertising – we specialise in one of the most established media channels of the traditional marketing mix.

Traditional and Digital Press Advertising

Print advertising has been a cornerstone of our industry for decades, and continues to be an invaluable medium for brands looking to connect with and target a large audience. It offers advertisers the opportunity to make an immediate impact across millions of readers at home or on the move every day.


As new technologies develop and consumer habits change, press media advertising is evolving. E-editions and online channels provide brands with further scope to enhance a traditional print ad campaign –  Press Mag Media will guide you through this ever-changing landscape whilst also offering unbeatable traditional print advertising opportunities.


Our in-house industry experts will find the perfect mix of print and online press advertising to build effective customer engagement and meet campaign objectives.

We have worked with a range of clients

Graham LondonCuraproxAeroMexicoThe X FactorJelly BellyCosattoDeciemDamac PropertiesForeoSea CadetsThe Government of EgyptOliver KinrossAustralian VintageReebok Spartan Race

Industry Experts with Dynamic Ideas

Press Mag Media promises to work in a new and unique way, recommending only the best print outlets, magazines, sponsorship and advertising opportunities to meet your brief, whilst offering the best deals by utilising our agency power to achieve fantastic rates.


We are an Incorporated Practitioner in Advertising as our parent company, Media Agency Group, is a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) – an independent professional trade body which accredits and supports the best agencies within the media, communications and marketing sectors.


With years of experience in traditional print media and a commitment to embracing new ideas and opportunities, Press Mag Media is the premier choice to drive your press advertising campaign.



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