Special Interest Publications

Guarantee exposure of your brand in front of a relevant and targeted audience by advertising in special interest publications. 

Make the most of your campaign

Special interest magazine advertising can help businesses avoid campaign wastage and ensure that their media campaign is as cost-effective and influential as it possibly can be.

By advertising in specialist publications, from sports and movies to fashion and business, brands can be guaranteed the exposure they need in front of their ideal audience who will be genuinely interested in the product or service being offered.

Special interest publications provide brands with easy access to their target demographic, with those interested in a related industry, hobby or passion more likely to appreciate a relevant product or service than a merely curious reader.

We have worked with a range of clients

The Government of EgyptAeroMexicoThe X FactorJelly BellyCuraproxSea CadetsAustralian Vintage

High frequency, targeted advertising

Special interest publications reach a committed and passionate audience, meaning that your advertisements are likely to be read and re-read on several occasions which increases the frequency of your ad campaign – at no extra cost!

Many specialist magazines will be collectable or of considerable value, meaning that they are unlikely to be discarded – they are often sold online to fellow enthusiasts, which increases the circulation of your ads, too.

At Press Mag Media we have a wealth of experience in the planning and execution of cost-effective and rewarding specialist interest magazine advertising campaigns. We can target your campaign in order to reach your ideal audience and put your brand in front of thousands of interested readers.

For more information and to discuss your specialist interest magazine advertising campaign in more detail, get in touch with our expert Press Mag Media team today. You can reach us via online contact form or give us a call today.