National Newspaper Advertising

Over seven million national newspapers are sold in the UK every day, with national newspaper advertising still providing brands with a fantastic platform to target a large and diverse audience.

Reach millions

Advertising in national newspapers offers brands the chance to reach a large and diverse section of the UK population who are actively seeking new and interesting information. National print titles carry monthly readership figures of over 47 million, and can help to position a brand in front of both existing consumers and a potential new customers.

National newspapers consist of many popular daily reads and Sunday publications, with most aimed at a large and diverse demographic of readers. Many daily national newspapers within the UK press market also carry an accompanying Sunday title, and will often produce weekend supplements aimed at reaching various social demographics and audience profiles.

All of these features of national press bring with them a range of advertising opportunities that brands can successfully exploit to deliver their message to millions of readers.

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Strategically target readers

The UK national press market comprises of tabloids and broadsheets. Established tabloid titles known as “red tops” including The Sun and the Daily Mirror target a populist, mass audience, whilst for readers of more serious-minded news there’s The Times, the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and the Independent.

Many national titles reach an audience of loyal readers who have chosen that publication for many years. Advertising in such titles presents your brand as trustworthy and established, acting as a fantastic platform to reach potentially valuable new customers.

Advertising in established national newspapers needn’t be a daunting task, and at Press Mag Media we’re on hand to guide you through each stage of your campaign.

Our team of experts can help you coordinate a successful campaign to target the perfect publications for your brand and deliver the most effective results. Call us today to speak to our specialist team.