Reach a large and diverse audience of commuters, shoppers and pedestrians by advertising in a freesheet publication.

High exposure campaigns

Freesheets are daily newspapers and magazines which are distributed to the public free of charge, often in central places in cities and towns such as rail stations and shopping centres, or with other newspapers providing additional and specialised content.

The revenues of such hand-outs are based purely on advertising return – which means that there are a wealth of opportunities for brands to make an impact on readers.

Consumers often pick up freesheets to accompany them on their journey to work, for the office, or to read at home. A welcome distraction from the morning commute, freesheets are read by a large audience from all walks of life.

Years of client experience

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Capitalise on a growing trend

In recent years we’ve seen the popularity of freesheet publications accelerate at a rapid pace. Metro is a highly successful free publication which pulls in millions of readers across the nation. As well as news outlets, specialist publications are now turning their attention to the freesheet, with music magazine NME the latest in a long line of examples of this.

The nature of freesheets means that they target key business locations, busy public areas and rail stations, ensuring that as many people pick them up as possible. Readers will often discard them once read due to their free cost, allowing other commuters and shoppers to pick them up – increasing coverage of your campaign even further.

With such vast advertising options in the freesheet market, it can be difficult to determine which publications to target in order to reach your ideal target audience. Press Mag Media has the knowledge to target your communications more effectively to connect with your current audience and target future customers.

We have years of experience of working closely with freesheet publications to achieve the best rates for our clients. Speak to a member of our experienced Press Mag Media team today by calling us, or get in touch through our online contact form.