Inserts are a great way of making your ads jump off the page – literally. A valued and expected component of the newspaper and magazine industry, insert advertisements offer brands the opportunity to stand out and target specific readerships and demographics. 

A stand-out solution

An advertising insert can be slipped into a magazine, newspaper or brochure. They present a cost-effective, controlled marketing tool for national brands and small businesses, and can be incredibly effective if employed correctly.

Pre-printed inserts allow advertisers to present their message in a distinct, stand-alone medium that provides them with maximum control of their creative without needing to adhere to the design constraints of a certain publication.

Rather than face a battle to make your advertisements stand out against competitors, insert advertising allows your message to jump off the page, increasing the likelihood of readers picking up and fully absorbing your message.

We have worked with a range of clients

The Government of EgyptDeciemDamac PropertiesThe X FactorForeoSea CadetsAeroMexico

Strategic, targeted advertising

Advertising inserts can be targeted at press platforms most likely to be read by your desired audience, offering the possibility of ‘sharing’ print due to their removable nature. This offers multiple consumers the chance to pick up the message if left outside the original publication.

Leaflet media buying can provide a solution to last-minute advertising decisions as it does not affect the main publication, meaning that deadlines and restrictions are more manageable. We can help you to advertise with press inserts to allow your brand to stand out and reach the people relevant for you as a business.

Inserts can be implemented according to specific regions or areas, allowing brands to adapt the same advertisement to cater for different locations.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in print insert advertising, Press Mag Media is the premier choice for your print campaign, whether you’re an established business or a new start-up. Target your communications efficiently and effectively by getting in touch with our team today.