Goodtoknow Recipes Magazine

Goodtoknow is a popular magazine which provides around 100 recipes every month, cheap, easy and quick meal ideas for all type of ages.


With 29,634 subscribers, Goodtoknow targets those busy mums aged between 25 and 44, where combining a healthy diet for the family with the professional life is not easy.


With numerous advises in food stuff but also in money saving, family tools and well-being, Goodtoknow is a widely chosen magazine. By advertising in Goodtoknow your brand will gain awareness especially in the target audience but also in all those looking to find food solutions.


Magazine advertising, as statistic show is one of the most powerful advertising tool gaining reach and brand awareness, prompting purchase more effectively than any other mean of communication.


Available formats for magazine advertising include full page, 2-page spread, 2/3 page spread, ½ page horizontal, ½ page vertical, 1/3 page horizontal, 1/3 page vertical and ¼ page.