Jewish Chronicle Magazine

Popularly known as the oldest continuously published newspaper in the world, The Jewish Chronicle, provides once a week an international coverage in news, sports, arts, travel and more.


The independent newspaper provides exclusive interviews with high profile figures within the Jewish worldwide community.


The newspaper also holds its own magazine. The Jewish Chronicle is a religious magazine which provides local, national and global news of Jewish interest. We also publish opinion pieces, sports and maintain a comprehensive calendar of area Jewish events. With 22,460 readers every year the magazine provides news from different subjects ranging from weddings, celebrities to business and the world-wide economy but with an specific perspective.


By advertising in the Jewish Chronicle a specific targeted audience will be reached. Advertising formats are diverse ranging from 2-page spread, 2/3 page spread, ½ page horizontal, ½ page vertical to 1/3 page horizontal, 1/3 page vertical and ¼ page.


Magazine advertising has numerous benefits which makes it, as statistic show, one of the most cost effective mean of advertising.