Healthxpress Tackle A Sensitive Issue With Press Mag Media

Online clinic HealthExpress is continuing its fruitful relationship with Media Agency Group, further increasing awareness of their brand and services with newspaper advertising provided by the press advertising subdivision Press Mag Media.

Newspaper Advertising - London Evening Standard

Running on February 3rd, 13th, 17th and 24th,  the 6×7 ad in the London Evening Standard illustrates a fresh approach to addressing erectile dysfunction, a common lifestyle issue that can affect 1 in 10 men. A cleverly designed image puts across the message ‘Treat ED’, with the rest of the ad delivering information on HealthExpress’ fast, convenient and discreet service, urging users to visit their website for further information.

Having already advertisd across London’s bathrooms, railway stations, bars, taxis and TalkSPORT radio with Media Agency Group, this Evening Standard ad is a perfect way to further maximise exposure to the city’s many thousands of ABC1 Evening Standard readers.

Lee Dentith, Media Agency Group CEO, said:

“Press Mag Media are extremely pleased to announce our continuing relationship with the quality healthcare providers at HealthExpress, and hope this press campaign will allow them to expand in the way our previous, successful campaigns did. Having already displayed their brand across so many platforms, we look forward to seeing the impact press advertising will have for their business and ours.”