Scottish Newspaper Press And Journal Takes A Step Into The Future With Scented Advertising

An innovative approach to newspaper advertising has been pioneered in Scotland by Aberdeen’s Press And Journal. With marketing competition relegating inferior competitors back to the drawing board, the northern Scottish paper have printed a full-page coffee-scented advert for IT company BusinessPort.


Impregnating the magenta ink with the smell of coffee, publisher DC Thomson created the unique advertisement in collaboration with BusinessPort, aiming to generate interest for both their client’s technology services and their own bespoke technique.

Press & Journal Newspaper Advert - BusinessPort

The image itself features a stream of coffee beans arranged in a panel of colour, with an overhead shot of black coffee accompanied by a sachet of ‘agility’ where sugar would normally be. Company information is placed to the right hand side, explaining BusinessPort’s ‘agility software’ – with the original addition of coffee-infused ink.


The aromatic device comes as part of a multi-format campaign, running alongside other press and radio adverts, a free coffee promotion in conjunction with Debenhams, and #wakeupandsmellthecoffee Twitter activity.


While Press And Journal is a regional Scottish newspaper, their national debut for scented advertising is guaranteed to secure plenty of social communication with regards to the campaign. Evidently the key to successful marketing lies in how far you can think outside the box…